In the Beginning

Our organization began early in the last century, when investment banker John J. Ferreck met with the Rector of St. Charles Seminary to plan for weekend retreats by laymen. The first year, a few dozen men came on retreat; within five years it grew to a few hundred.

Since that time, 1.2 million people have come to Malvern Retreat House for spiritual guidance and inspiration.

Celebrating 100 years of Catholic Lay Leadership

Owned and operated by Catholic Lay Leadership since 1912, people have come to Malvern for 100 years, seeking spiritual guidance and inner peace.

Malvern hosts 20,000 people annually at 250 retreats on 125 acres in beautiful Chester County.

There are 50 traditional Men of Malvern groups and 110 others for women, couples, teens and many more. Clergy and many religious denominations are welcome to reflect, refresh and rejoice..

If you are looking for a spiritual getaway, consider making the journey to our peaceful sanctuary in the countryside.