What Retreatants Say


“No cell phones, no TV, no radio, no loud talking, just silence and peacefulness. I thought to myself that this place is truly unlike anything that we are faced with day-to-day or any place I have visited. It felt like I was shutting my life down for a couple of days and dedicating it to what I believe in…..I can’t tell what you would feel or how you would feel, but I can guarantee that if you are willing to open yourself up and give it a chance, you find it to be one of the best decisions you make in your life.”
Bill Thompson

“My adoration time was 1:45 am. I spent the most exhilarating 15 minutes of my life in that chapel. There was a moment of clarity that opened my mind to the joy that is around us in our everyday life. I returned to my room overwhelmed by the extraordinary amount of insight I experienced in only 15 minutes. I cried an laughed and wrote in my journal until well after 3 am. Those 15 minutes in January, 1998 were very private, there were no witnesses. There is no doubt it changed my life. When people ask me how I got my life back together again, I tell them, “15 minutes in Malvern.”
David Busarello

“As my frustration was about to peak, I head a soft voice, “Why are you here?” I remember answering, “What?” To which I heard again, “Why are you here?” Sensing the voice to be God asking me the question, I said, “I came here to find You.” Then, the voice said, “Where did I go?” Feeling a little stupid, I had no answer. Then, His voice said, “If you can not find Me in the quiet of your own heart, you will never find me in the noise of the day.” I thought about those words and felt the frustration melt from me. I saw myself as the barrier to seek interior quiet. I could find Him in the quiet of my own heart as well as the noise of the moment.”
Richard Klarmann

“I didn’t want to go to the Married Couples retreat. The last thing I wanted to do was spend time away from home. I would rather go to the shore or mountains. This wasn’t a retreat for troubled marriages, it was just a nice retreat for married couples. Financial worries, concern about one of our children, finding the time to go, it was too much for me to handle. I went to Malvern not wanting to go. As soon as we registered, went to our room and then to the chapel in the Family Life Center. I could feel the anger melting away moment by moment. We returned to being the loving couple we used to be and it all happened without therapy. Just sitting in that magnificent chapel changed our marriage making it a little stronger, a little healthier to face the stress of everyday life. Thank you Malvern Retreat House. This is going to be our annual anniversary present to each other.”
Anonymous woman

“You can’t describe it, man. I went with my dad kicking and screaming. What’s a retreat? Old people praying together? My dad made me go and in the car I remember thinking how much I hated him. I was missing partying with my friends on a holiday weekend. I can’t tell you what happened in words. Can only tell you something happened to me at Malvern. The tough guy in me was left in Philly. A retreat can’t be explained unless you experience it. I’m coming next year bringing one of my friends.”
Tom C.


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