Person after person I meet identifies a common desire that they have: namely to pray more, to get in better contact with God, and to grow spiritually.

To those who are new to Malvern, we invite you to discover what the Men and Women of Malvern have learned–what a treasure we have in our retreat facilities here at St. Joseph’s in-the-Hills and the beautiful grounds that afford us a quiet, peaceful piece of heaven.  And, we know by experience that a spiritual retreat cannot be replaced by anything else – for it is time and space reserved and dedicated to God alone. We have grown to appreciate that in order to grow in the spiritual life, in order to truly experience the companionship of God, we need to step away, pull back from the fast-paced world and retreat into God. We know this to be true by experience. Therefore, we have to commit ourselves to our yearly retreat, or more often if we can. And bring a friend!

As the newly appointed Rector of Malvern, and I am very excited, delighted, and grateful for this opportunity to serve you, the men and women of Malvern, and all who come to this beautiful sacred place.


Msgr. Joseph T. Marino