Let Us Pray for Your Special Intentions

Is someone you know sick or in need of spiritual comfort? Did you have someone pass away recently? Or do you need prayers for a special intention (new baby, marriage, breakup, etc. – we don’t need to know what the special intention is – just their names. God knows your intention)

Click here to email us your prayer request.

In the subject line of the email, please let us know which type of prayer request you are writing about (see below for examples). Please be sure to include the name(s) of your special intentions, and we’ll add them to our prayer list. May God bless you!

  • For spiritual comfort and recovery of health of:
  • For the repose of the soul of:
  • Special intention for:

Annual Memorial Mass

Each year we have an Annual Mass to honor the deceased retreatants of the Malvern Retreat House. Since letters of invitation are sent to families of recently deceased retreatants, we ask our members to call (610) 644-0400 to convey the names of any retreatants.

Remembrance Cards

We can also send you a Mass card to enroll someone (living or deceased) in the Malvern Retreat House Remembrance Association. Those you enroll share in the Masses, prayers and good works of our retreatants while at the Malvern Retreat House, for the life of the Association. Please click here to send your name and complete postal mailing address to us, and we will mail you a Mass card. We suggest you also keep a few on hand.

Blessing Tree Ceremony

Join us December 8, 2014, to remember your loved ones this Christmas season; celebrate their lives at our annual Blessing Tree Remembrance Ceremony. During the ceremony, you will be able to place a custom, blessed ornament on our Christmas tree. All ornaments purchased will be personalized with your loved one’s name; these will be available for you to pick up after Christmas at Malvern Retreat House, or you may take your ornament home after the ceremony to place on your own tree. Click here for more details.