Mark photo2Welcome to Malvern Retreat House!  You are in the right place. This is the beginning of a unique journey with God that more than one million people have made through retreats over the past 104 years.  While you are encountering MRH through this electronic/cyber medium, the on-site experience provides 125 acres of sacred space through which folks come to encounter God’s presence, to find quiet in the midst of the world’s distracting chatter, and to grow in a deeper renewed relationship with the Lord of Life.

We are a Catholic institution, but our bucolic grounds and facilities are available to all people seeking to be still to hear the voice of God, and for anyone who needs the space to find balance, peace, healing and spiritual renewal. We can work at making accommodations for your particular needs.

Ultimately, we exist so that our dedicated associates, dynamic retreat directors, as well as faith-filled presenters and facilitators can help you to grow in the Word of God, better understand God’s presence in your life and encourage you to be renewed to fight the good fight in your day to day demands and challenges. Those who come here are ordinary folks who discover God’s extraordinary love and grace for them.

As you explore our website, we pray that you may find a way to be inspired to participate in one of our meaningful retreats, topical presentations, or special events; or simply to take time to come away for awhile with Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. God has poured out an abundant blessing upon these holy grounds to serve as a spiritual oasis for our guests to reflect, to be refreshed and to rejoice in their faith.  We invite you to come and explore the miracle that God has worked in countless lives through this sacred space.


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Mark J. Poletunow