Continue Building the Legacy of Faith

From 1922 until 1989, the Laymen’s Retreat League depended on volunteer envelope contributions from weekend retreatants for funding. It is important to note that Malvern Retreat House is lay owned and operated. Malvern Retreat is not funded by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, by any religious order or foundation.

What, Why and How

In 1989, recognizing the need to increase the level of giving, the Laymen’s Retreat League launched its Development Program. The Development Program consists of an annual fund appeal, periodic capital campaigns, major gifts from individuals, bequests from estates, wills, trusts, memorial gifts, endowment gifts, foundation grants and special events like the annual Golf Outing and the Malvern Travel Club.

For details about any Development activities, call Michael Norton at (484) 321-2539 or email him at

Donating to Support Malvern Retreat House

In addition to supporting Malvern Retreat House through our Annual Appeal & Membership Drive, Capital Campaign, Memorial Gifts, and Planning Giving, you can also support us through the following:

The Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide revenue for the long-term financial health of the Malvern Retreat House. While we have always managed to be financially stable, we have not been able to build our endowment to a satisfactory level for an institution of our size. Besides providing financial stability for a “rainy day,” endowment income can also create an additional stream of revenue to help offset the increasing costs of retreats. Retreatants want to pay their way and continuing increases may deter a retreatant from participating in the retreat experience here at Malvern Retreat House. For details, call Michael Norton at 484-321-2539 or click here to e-mail him.

In Lieu of Flowers

Many members of our Malvern Family have asked that, in honor of their passing, friends and family make contributions to the Malvern Retreat House instead of sending flowers. To make a donation In Lieu of Flowers please click here. We are also providing logos for newspaper and Funeral Director’s use. Click here for print-ready “Men of Malvern” logo, and here for “Women of Malvern” logo.